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8th August 2019

Believe it or not I started this blog entry one evening about 3 weeks ago. I got as far as the title and that was it 😜

The 8th of August was the day it  finally happened. We got the keys to our new dream home!! I don't recall ever being so busy as I have been for the last 36 days since but every morning I wake up and pinch myself. I just can't believe we built a house and that this is all ours! .

The house is everything we could ever have wished for. It is just so, so beautiful!  Even though there is still so much to sort and to do it already feels like home. It will take months and months before things are fully sorted but that is OK. The blank canvas in our front and back yards will take the initial priority. We have 100,000 potted plants that need a forever home and there are some big plans for our Alfresco area and our retaining walls. Watch this space!
Rather than share more photos of what I have been up to so far (that will come later) I would like to instead thank the …

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